The Top 5 Stripclubs In Las Vegas

Increase your odds of having a great night with our shortlist of stripclubs. Here they are... Hustler, Treasures, Sapphire, Sophia's and Crazy Horse 3. We can help you stretch your strip club Las Vegas dollar to the max. We are the top reservation company. With our exclusive deals you'll never overpay. Check out all the nearby strip joints. Read reviews from customers and our staff. Learn all about the clubs before you come. If you're looking for fun without commitment, reserve the Free Strip Club package.

Avoid the Tourist Traps!

Taxis, Uber/ Lyft and Car Services: Take one of these and you'll pay a $50 cover charge just to walk into the club. Then you're going to want a drink or two. Before you know it you're $100 deep and haven't gotten a lap dance yet. A gentlemen's club owner a couple decades ago thought it would be a good idea to offer a payout to taxis if they would divert business to his venue and it worked. This was his way of competing with the newer and bigger best stripclubs Las Vegas that were opening up. So, if one one does it, they all have to do it. The cost is passed on to you. Use our free reservation service and you don't pay a cover. Currently our reservation promotion with Sapphire is 100% free for admission. Our other venues are omly asking for a two drink minimum when you arrive ($20 each). All reservations require and include free limo pick up. All offers void if you arrive by taxi etc.

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Dealing with Stripclubs

Las Vegas Stripclubs are known the world over to be the best. Our list, will help you make an informed choice and save you money. We never charge a fee and you don't need a credit card to reserve! The only thing you pay is a two drink minimum per person at the venue. Admission and transportation to and from are free and provided by the place you choose through us. For bachelor parties who are visiting from out of town, finding the best gentlemen's club in Vegas to party at can be a challenge. Not all of these places offer the same type of strippers. No one wants to be disappointed or pay more than they have to. These strip joint deals save you money and connects the package you choose to the transportation dispatcher of that strip club. Be sure to read the reviews before you choose a venue to spend your hard earned cash on.

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Free Pick Up & Drinks

We guarantee you admission by booking for you in advance, but we can also get you great deals. We have exclusive relationships that allow you to get in the doors for way less than you can do on your own. Plus, you can get VIP perks like free drinks during your visit and even receive free limo pickup and drop-off, so you can arrive in style. Whether you're planning to visit by yourself or are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, SCR assists you with reservations and package deals. Don't miss your chance to see the hottest babes and female strip shows and save money at the same time.

Fast & Easy Reservations

We are just like the type of girl you are seeking. Our service is very fast and easy to use. You can edit or cancel your booking as needed. You never have to give us your credit card or personal information. Since we are internet based you can make your reservation without calling. This is especially useful if you are in a loud environment. We receive your booking follow up with you so that you know the car will be there.

Making your Stripclub Reservation is Simple

1- Choose the club

2- Choose a date/time for limo pick up

3- Complete free reservation form

4- Relax in the hotel until the driver calls you

Choose a Club

Sapphire Gentlemens Club
Hustler Club
Treasures Gentlemens Club
Crazy Horse III
Sophia's Gentlemens Club